Styling your coffee table

I have been making some color and fabric decisions for a project and the coming weekend is going to be a working one for me, but hey I love it and it helps me share my experiences with you all.

This post is going to talk about some basic ways to warm up to the idea of styling and knowing that styling doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It will also focus on styling a single piece of furniture, with different accessories.

Just think, of how you typically style and accessorize a LBD or a suit, dress it up or dress down for the occasion, similarly its easy to dress up or dress down a space, a furniture piece or a window. A coffee table is typically the focal point of a living room and plays the role of a functional statement piece. Take a look at a set of décor accents and plants used to style the same coffee table, differently.

The best accessories to chose when styling a coffee table are pieces that showcase your personality. It is the décor and accents that always bring the personality of the people living in a space to the fore. Do note it doesn’t have to be an expensive piece of sculpture. Anything that you feel connected to and is close to the chosen color palette can tie a space together while keeping your taste intact. A bolder pop of color is always welcome, mostly not belonging to the master color palette.

Coffee tables are your canvas, you can use trays, books, spoons, plates and other accessories that can add elevation, form, and level to the vignette. Adding a live plant to the table can instantly pick up the look of the vignette.

We would love to know how you styled your coffee table and will talk more details in our next post until then, have a great week ahead and stay tuned for more.

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