Sofa Round up – My top picks from the UL sofa collection


First thing we do when we move into a bare home is we look to the living room as a starting point. The starting point to a living room is a couch or a sofa and is a choice of comfort, a statement peice and many times the focal point of a living room.


In my early days, I used to dread making this decision and was honestly tired of looking for sofas that would fit the bill. We finally found ‘The One’ that we still own, its royal blue, has deep seating, luxurious pet friendly velvet upholstery and a modern structure, it was everything we needed – functionality and aesthetics.

As an Interior blogger and stylist, I cannot tell you how many times I look at couches that scream for a make over or a replacement. Most of my clients say that their major struggle starts with looking for a sofa and therefore I am sharing my top picks from Urban Ladder for you to bring in that one sofa that is going to stand out and will drive your sofa voes away. Please do feel free to visit their furniture stores in your city to experience these sofas.

This post is not sponsored and contains links from Urban Ladder’s website.

1. Rubik sofa    2.Granada Sofa   3.Lewis Sofa  4. Florence Compact Malibu    5.Windsor Sofa (Cosmic Gray)

I hope you are still reading and found the post helpful. Let me know if you ended up buying any of these sofas or which one of these contenders is your favorite?

Thank you for stopping by! Happy couch shopping 🙂

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