Gorgeous ways to decorate with plants

My day typically starts by grabbing a cup of tea and sitting by my collection of plants in the living room. Plants hog space in my study, foyer, kitchen, bookshelves, bathrooms and pretty much everywhere. You name it, and they are present there.

If you are a crazy plant lady like me then you are in luck, as incorporating plants in your decor is a very pocket-friendly and a swoon-worthy idea. To me, plants are living accents that are flexible and versatile at the same time. They add life to spaces and bring in the green that an urban dweller craves.

Bunch em’ up! Its a design trick that similar objects when grouped together create a beautiful vignette. Try the same with your plants, keeps the humidity levels high and your sensitive ferns healthy.

Use plants as sculptures. Small potted plants can replace small accent sculptures that you can add to end tables and shelves.  I love to use cascading succulents quiet often while styling coffee tables and bookshelves. A string of pearls or string of bananas always make it to the list 🙂

Make terrariums and use them as decorative pieces to fill-in shelves, tables or as a centerpiece for the dining table.

Give them height. You can certainly use plants that are tall like a Fiddle leaf tree, Pachira Aquatica or a Rubber plant. They move your eyes towards the ceilings and bring your high ceilings some more attention. Tall plants can easily replace floor sculptures that are not very affordable for everyone. If you don’t have tall plants, do not worry, use a plant stand or a stool to add the extra height your indoor plants need.

Another way to hang plants is to use light and low maintenance plants like Air plants that need little tending. Air plants can be used to decorate a wooden wall frame or be hanged using shells to give a jellyfish-like look. Remember these fun to-dos for your next plant DIY.

Vertical planters are a fantastic addition to a tiny space, check out the image below where  I used a 5 tier vertical planter to provide a makeover to my low-on-space patio.

Tell me on how do you decorate with plants.

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