Creating a Zen Corner | Get your ‘Calm’ on!

We all need some space away from all the stress and hustle-bustle of life. If I were to say that you could have it in your own home, you’d probably laugh it off. However, I am still going to tell you that its possible and its oh! so calm and beautiful.

The concept of Zen corners is usually linked to an outdoor oasis, but it can be created indoors as well. Outdoors are more absorbing because they bring a lot of contact with nature and natural elements.

Let me share the recipe for creating your own ‘Calm’ corner or Zen corner in your apartment or home.

Get one with Nature

With the use of organic fiber baskets and plants, a bonsai even, one can really feel close to nature, and it helps arouse the sense of touch by all the textures you can feel with your hands and the earthy tones you see with your eyes. 

Photo by Charles Deluvio

Get comfortable

Line up some comfy seating, a floor cushion or pouf, if you also want to utilize the space for yoga, one can add a jute or rattan mat. Let your soul loose and breath in with ease.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Bring in the love

The next step is to surround yourself with things you love and make you feel calm, like a lovely relaxing book or a set of calming scented candles or incense. Play music that makes you float away into another world or just keep no music at all and listen to the birds’ chirp. It is high time we appreciate little things in life.

Photo by Elora Allen

Say Namaste to the Figurines

Ganesha or Buddha figurines are very common in many homes today and can help bring focus to your zen corner or room. You can add any figurine that helps add a focal point in the place.

Photo by Laura Olsen
Photo by Bernard Hermant

Bringing it all together

Once you have got all the elements together, sit back and let yourself sink into your Zen corner and see your body relax. Your very own place to get away from it all is ready to serve you for days to come. You can continue to change the style and décor of the space to suit your mood and liking.

Hope you found this recipe helpful in creating your own zen corner! And for those who already have a zen corner at home, tell me how do you like to decorate it?

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