Gorgeous ways to decorate with plants

My day typically starts by grabbing a cup of tea and sitting by my collection of plants in the living room. Plants hog space in my study, foyer, kitchen, bookshelves, bathrooms and pretty much everywhere. You name it, and they are present there. If you are a crazy plant lady like me then you are […]

Styling your coffee table

I have been making some color and fabric decisions for a project and the coming weekend is going to be a working one for me, but hey I love it and it helps me share my experiences with you all. This post is going to talk about some basic ways to warm up to the […]

Hues to choose

Choosing colors for your home can be extremely challenging and even more so when choosing a color palette for a space that you use for entertaining and is accessible to guests, like your living room. It took me many experiments to understand that it is important not to be greedy for more colors when it […]